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Zirca on sunday is so super duper fun!!!

SY jioed me to pei him to Zirca yesterday. Since i am bored and have not been to Zirca before, so i went to explore!

Didnt regret making this decision! Zirca was very happening yesterday night!

Many people, Many fun, Many laughter! Dance arnd and Boomz! 


Talking abt Boomz... i am going to buy the NUM t-shirt today! one of the design is very nice... with the word Boomz... saw one model wearing it, quite nice. Got 50% discount too!~ shopping for their flip flop too! 

(Boomz seem to be the hot word now!)

My schedule today shall be: 

1) watch DVD with mum till 12 noon
2) go return DVD
3) go gym and maybe running track
4) go shopping (orchard or vivo) - i want to look at fred perry t-shirt and NUM wear
5) pay bills! =(  broke... haha... spend spend spend!
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