Shopping and Walking!!!

Went out with Mil this afternoon to walk around at ION. Gosh... we have strolled round and round at ION till my legs seems like falling off...

Traffic flow at ION is forever so crowded... so messy... so squeezy...

We went for some sugar booster at Xin Wang Cha Chan Teng after few hours of walking. Thank you ah Mil for the yummy treats! =P 

We are like HDB tai tai for a day! haha...

Then we headed to suntec area... Ah mil proceeded to his concert in bugis...

I continued to shop arnd suntec area and raffles city area..

Bought myself a pair of Cuff Link set from Raoul. Yeah!

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simple day...

Went to catch movie <<surrogate>> with Mil Mil yesterday. Show was great!

Proceeded together to Eight and DYMK bar yesterday to have a drink and chat. Had a great time chatting and catching up.

Simple and slow pace.  Like it... Sometimes, we need to slow our pace down...

Looking forward to my annual leave coming end of the month...

HongKong or Taiwan or Thailand? Hmm... Thinking...



it has been awhile since i last log in my livejournal account.. i was still trying to recall what is my user name just now! haha...

friday- after a biz appt, i landed in bugis and was thinking "since i am aready here in bugis, theres comex show in suntec, might as well go comex walk walk!" . THen i coincidently bump into my eldest brother. bought a Asus netbook. quite like this new netbook. it has got a lasting 11 hours batt capability.

saturday- went to comex once again with a date. his birthday is coming.. so bought him a bdae gift that he had wished for, A sony ipod speaker. Then i bought myself a cheap cheap speaker for my own usage for my netbook and mp3. Also bought a keyboard protector and a earphone piece from sony too. Wallet bleed heavily yesterday. After sending him home, i went to meet my jurong gang for board games in jurong point. Probably was too tired after all the walking and stuffs... cant really focus for the entire session.

what am i doing today? staying home and rot? dunnoe...  yawns...
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Tired and shocking day...

Today is a very bad day for me...

Went to work with a bad flu... sneezed and sneezed. One colleague also same situation like me. Sneezed and sneezed. My manager told me to go home and rest... my colleagues complained as well..  so i went home to rest.

Woke up... went for a haircut as i have an important event the next day. The hairstylist's helper (hairwasher) very weird: 

in the midst of washing my hair: 

me:  (close my eyes) 

him: U close your eyes, you shy to look at me ah?  (coz i lying down head facing him while he wash my hair from the opposite side) 

me: no, i afraid the water accidentally splashed into my eyes. My eyes are sensitive to water.

him: hahaha...

then, proceeded to my seat to wait for hair stylist...  another weird guy...  he came over, and cut my hair... never before a hairstylist need to shift his face so near to my face to cut my hair! weird... i had to hold my breathe and my heart beat is like so fast... so weird...

Luckily, he did a good job. Before i went off, he gave me his namecard and said "if u like my service, do come often to look for me" , i replied "orh, thank you."

then i went home to rest.

My Mum and Brothers went down to hospital to visit my dad.

2 days ago, my dad complained stomach pain and felt like fainting and we sent him to alexandra hospital. Earlier this morning, he had a day operation to remove stones in bladder. Doctor said its Urinary track infection that has got to do with bladder stone or something i think...

then just now, brother called back to tell me that dad is in very bad condition and ask me to rush down to hospital too. so i rushed down to see my dad and understand his condition.  Due to his operation earlier, baterias attacked his heart. resulting in breathing difficulties and also, increasing his heart beat. his face bloated badly too and his entire body was shaking badly.

Still dunnoe what went wrong... pending for further investigation. Worried. Hope he will be fine.

Happie and Lucky are feeling vexed and depressed. can feel...  coz 2 days never see his grandpa already. Think they suspected something...  they have been waiting by the door for any chance to see their grandpa!

Visting dad tml, took urgent leave for tml!

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The trick to paying taxi fare!

I am a regular taxi passenger... and i think some of you guys too may take a ride in taxi too.

Have u ever notice a regular phenomenal action of cab drivers at the point of evaluating the fare to you at point of destination? 

My observation: 

Destination reached --- > Driver use his finger to press the meter stopper button ----- > read out the fare to you -----> pay money.

(i purposely enlarge the point of action)

This might be normal to many ppl, but then again... let me go indepth and breakdown the motion to you: 

Destination reached $4.80 ----> Driver raise hand slowly ----> Finger reaching the button but not yet (waiting for meter to jump another $0.20!) ----> Gotcha! $5 bucks!

Master Leh Leo shall teach you a way to counter this delay in action and to save you your $0.20! :
Approx 2-3 seconds to Destination ($4.80) ---> Leh Leo shouts $4.80 uncle ($5 bucks in hand liao) ---> pass cash to taxi uncle ----> uncle gladly return u $0.20! ----> thank you uncle (end with a smile and thank you) !
That solved the issue and is happy ever after for the day and proceeded off to his routine gym session! :P

Not that Leh Leo is hard up for that $0.20.. but i believe in earning a honest day living and to be kind to consumer as we are all consumers. sometimes, i will ask them to keep the change if they have good service throughout the journey. =) 

Leh Leo go bathe.

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Kungfu Master! =P

Wah Kaoz...

So exciting! Praying Mantis looks handsome! i mean his skills! but hor, still lose to turantula! I wanna learn


Flying bird kick!

Hoi! =P
I am a Kungfu fighter ~~ YA! YA! YA! ~ LA ~ LA~  =P

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Moody day...

Wake up (9am)  --------->    Sleep     ----------->   Wake up   -----------> Sleep   -------------> Wake up (now)

No mood to do anything till now. Sorry guys, have to turn down all ur invites/meetings.

Lance: gym
Don: ktv
Leh Leo: swim
Him: taka

Will my stupid mood stay till the following day? Dont want to sleep another day off.  =(

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